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a goal without a plan

is just a wish

9 February 1955
My name is Mary Jean Margaret but I go by maggie.
My username mollys_home comes from the fact that I name all my houses and this one is Molly.

Born in Mt. Vernon, NY bordering NYC
With then-husband built a house in a rural town 2 hrs. north of NYC
Have 2 sons
Started college at age 45...late bloomer
Realized gay feelings at age 44...late bloomer
Divorced after 28 yr hetero marriage
Relocated 3,000 miles to Nevada; lived there for 4 yrs
For past 3 yrs have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my partner Marcia.

Reading the interests section is a good overview of a person.
Feel free to do so.
I am very open and frank. Feel free to ask any questions on any topic.

I am a full time college student majoring in Social Work interning in drug and alcohol rehab centers.
Have four dogs: rottweiller/hound named Blax; doberman/pitt named Emma; full shihtzu named Abigail; min pin named Rees; two cats: a 15 yr old LC Lillian and a 3 yr calico named Olivia.

Due to the divorce/gay issue, I have been rejected by all my relatives except one son and one uncle.
Quality over quantity.